Blagdon and Wimbleball news

Blagdon is fishing very well and with the fish feeding on Daphnia, finding the correct depth at which they are lying is key. Buzzers and Diawls are scoring well as are goldhead damsels on intermediate lines. For an up to date report on fishing and conditions see:-

Wimbleball is also fishing very well, but here the emphasis is more on finding the area where the fish are rather than the depth. Since opening day they have been concentrating in the margins but only in certain areas. At first with the wind blowing up the lake it was in Ruggs Bay, then Bessoms came into its own and the floating lines were finding the fish as the Diawls and buzzers started to score.

Last week the wind changed and started blowing down the lake from the bridge to the boat yard and the fish moved round to Cowmoor and it is this area that has started to score well this week.

For an interesting report on a day afloat see:-

The winning flies are buzzers and Diawl Bachs in the calmer areas from the bank and black tadpoles/olive damsels from the boats. The fish are so close in that floaters are scoring well, but there are still plenty falling to the sinkers too.

Fly life is very good in the Upton Arm and so given a few more days of this wind coming from the north the fish should spread out to there very soon.




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