Don’t Take Our Word For It……………

Alex is a friend of ours and has been down with his father and bestest chum to have a go at the Clatworthy rainbows.  The West Country has some of the hardest fighting fish in the country and here is a report of the day from Alex:-

Easter Sunday Outing:

This Easter we decided to go and fish Clatworthy reservoir, it was a place that we (Charles Jardine, Rob Thomas, and myself) had never fished before although had heard good things about it. We set off later than planned, as usual, the journey there was almost a test in itself, and the winding West Country roads had us doubting our directions and the ability of satellite navigation! Just as we had given up all hope of finding water in the rolling hills we stumbled across a mass of 130acres of water which looked stunning with shards of golden light breaking the clouds and catching the pristine waters.

On arrival we spoke to a helpful chap from Wessex Water who advised us on the best spots and flies, we then set up paid our fees and headed up the shoreline with hopeful steps. We eventually stumbled upon a shoal of fish working their way across the wind in a bay, first of all catching on the deeper set-up of an intermediate line and teams of nymphs. Then when the sun broke through the clouds for minutes at a time the fish would move up in the water feeding on the hatching Buzzers making the floating line tactics highly effective. Each fish hooked fought harder than any other Trout I have encountered this year and they made for a brilliant days sport. They are now all prepared for a barbeque!

I will definitely be going back here, I would imagine it is a superb top of the water fishery later in the year, and I would like to find some of the Brown Trout that hide in the lake too. My message to anyone looking to go here for the first time, don’t give up on the journey there really is a pot of gold at the end!

Alex Jardine

So there we go – but don’t even take AJ’s word for it…………………………..COME AND TRY FOR YOURSELVES.


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