Fishing In August

August is producing a good amount of rain to keep our rivers fuelled with water. The problem is the hot, humid high pressure that accompanies it. If the sun appears too then it is very much a question of picking one’s moment or concentrating on the first and last two hours of the day. Having said that, it is getting towards Autumn and with the water there is a good chance of a fish throughout most systems.

Very often during the months of August and September a build up of fish in estuaries can occur in dry weather. These are, by September, the larger late summer and autumn fish and sometimes if the rains come after a prolonged period of dry weather, they can run straight through in one fell swoop and then it’s season over. August rains keep the influx, progression and distribution of fish steadier and more even.

Sea trout are still entering the rivers in reduced numbers, but towards the end of the month fresh-run fish encountered will be much fewer. The good thing about fishing during the “back end” is that school peal can be targetted and caught using a dry fly – the best chances usually coming to the daddy long-legs.

Night fishing is still viable to pick up a fresh sea trout or two, but as usual any colour to the water CAN render the effort wasted. If you happen to be there though as the water comes good then it could be very productive.

In short, the rains we are currently experiencing mean that August is a fishing month and not a lying on the beach month!

Tight Lines all.

For up to date river levels click the Farson Digital link in the side-bar or check the EA website.


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