September – The Last Two Weeks

It’s the last two weeks of the season on may West Country rivers. As I write this there has been yet another huge down pour and ALL the rivers have plenty of water. There will be good salmon numbers all over the area, but the water is running fast and cooling down a bit. Get the fly down with sinking tips/leaders or a fast intermediate line.

Trout fishing will end well if there is a drop in levels. There are daddy long-legs simple everywhere and all rivers were fishing well to them before the latest spates took hold.

The reservoir season continues for a while yet and the daddy will score well here as will fry imitations fished in the margins. Sedges will feature on warm evenings.

If you are out in September don’t forget it can get cold quite ealy in the day and that it might rain at at a moment’s notice. If you are salmon fishing in high water then a life preserver is adviseable and a wading staff essential.

Tight lines.


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