Time To Check Your Tackle!

It’s nearly February so only a maximum of a  month left to check that all your tackle is oiled, cleaned treated and generally ready for the season ahead. Trout fishing starts on 15th March on most rivers but there is the opportunity, if not the prospect of great success, to get on the Dart and the Teign after salmon from 1st Feb and so if you are planning a trip to either of these rivers then everything should have been checked already.

Reels should be taken apart and old grease and grit removed. They should then have a light coat of oil on the spindle and then left.

Lines can be taken off of the reel and cleaned with warm soapy water and treated with a line conditioning solution.

Flies should be checked for rust and inspected. Any straightened bends or damaged patterns should be disgarded and it really helps (and is an enjoyable thing to do) if the remainder are sorted into type/size order.

A very important check to make is that your tippet material is not suffering the effects of the sun or direct heat and that you have plenty of it. Also there should be no sign of any leaders from last year still attached to fly lines! The loops at the business end of any poly leaders need checking and it is ofetn wise to reform them if possible, or replace thewhole leader if they are getting a littel too short.

There is nothing more annoying than getting to the river and then realising something is awry.


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