A Grand Day Afloat


Friend Marc – he works for Musto you know, which musn’t be held against him – and I launched our boat on Kennick Reservoir in beautiful sunshine and a nice breeze.

For those that don’t know, Kennick is a lake of about 50 acres on the southern edge of Dartmoor. It is stocked with excellent rainbow trout and has a good head of brown trout too. It is a beautiful place and offers ample compensation for the continuing lack of water in our salmon rivers.

Normally we would look through our fly boxes, discuss the various patterns and their relevance for the time of year, pick out the ones that take our fancy from an imitative point of view and then discard the lot in favour of a black tadpole or an olive bugger/damsel type thing and think no more about them! Last time we even coupled them with sinking lines for the complete package.

Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with fishing a lake for rainbows in this fashion. It is easy and effective and very little can go wrong. But this time, in my continuing efforts to make the most of my fishing I decided to actually read some catch return cards and formulate a plan based on something more considered than the devil I know so well. Said catch returns, submitted by other people who have fished the lake over the past days and weeks, pointed to flies that actually resemble something – in most cases buzzers, which are imitations of emerging midges – and these I have in spades. They are widely employed, but being an active sort of fisherman I find they need to be fished in too sedentary a manner for my liking and thus I have rarely used one and NEVER caught anything on one or a team of them.

But this day use them I did, on a floating line to boot, for the entire morning and guess what………….I caught fish. Ok, Musto Marc on the other hand didn’t change his tactics and caught twice as many – um yeah – but I felt more virtuous.

So there we are. Never be afraid to experiment and there is nothing wrong with trying something new.


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