Ok so the rains didn’t come in August; but be not down-hearted. September is THE month for salmon fishing in the West Country. Given rain then all rivers will fish, with the Taw, Torridge, Tamar and Exe leading the way. The Dart can produce good numbers of fish too as can the tributaries of all the above.

Experimental extensions excluded, September is the final month to try for a salmon on most Devon rivers and is normally the best time too, along with the first two weeks of October on the Tamar system.

There is no need to change tactics too drastically. The intermediate line is a useful tool and bigger flies can be brought back into service. The sink-tip is still the favourite choice and if used with sinking poly leaders of varying densities or flies of varying weights, most depths and lies can be searched for that autumn fish.

The border and Cornish rivers carry on into October and beyond, but for September salmon stick to the big four.

See links on the left and also the individual river pages for availability of rods.

Workshop Pool

This is Workshop on The Rising Sun Water, River Taw


September is also the last month for trout fishing in all West Country rivers and anglers should concentrate on fishing the Daddy Long-Legs during the day and sedges late afternoon and evenings. The former will often take school peal too that have been in the system for a while but have an underlying silver tinge that distinguishes them from their permanently resident brethren.

On stillwaters the Daddy is also a key fly this month and general nymphs will continue to fish well. There should be good sport on sedges in the afternoons too in calmer conditions. Rain will liven things up and floating/intermediate lines will do the business. The water temperature is very warm and sinking lines should not normally be required – although always have a range of them to hand just in case.

Tight Lines everyone.

A Lovely Day At Clatworthy 2012

A Lovely Day At Clatworthy 2012



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