The Torridge may be a river of some 50 miles from source to sea but said source is, remarkably, only about 12.5 miles from the estuary as the crow flies. After rising up on Welsford Moor in the northwest corner of Devon near Hartland and, incidentally only about 4 miles from the source of The Tamar, it sets about flowing in a huge loop all the way to its estuary at Bideford, via East and West Putford, Black Torrington, Sheepwash and Great Torrington. For the first half of its journey it flows in a southeasterly direction until taking a dramatic turn north north west at Hele Bridge near to where it gathers in the Okement tributary (see River Okement).

Soon after Hele Bridge the Torridge  changes from a reletively fast flowing stream to a more sedate river in appearance, although there are from this point onwards a few places where, because of its shallow fall and ever twisting nature, the river resembles a canal!

The most famous pool on the river is at Beam Weare between Great Torrington and Weare Gifford. This is truly excellent fly water.



The Half Moon is the place to go on The Torridge. It used to be run by Charles Innes, who still runs the fishing on their behalf, and has 10 miles of fishing available for guests and on day tickets.

Their water around the hotel is small streamy trout and sea-trout water but they also have excellent salmon water further down stream. Regardless of water conditions there will always be a fishable beat and the reputation of this water is a well known throughout the land.

The Inn has a rod room and drying facilities.


Salmon & Sea-Trout: £30.00 for residents / £35 for non-residents

Brown Trout: £12.50 for residents / £15 for non-residents


Telephone: 01409 231376

Fax: 01409 231673


Postal address: Half Moon Inn, Sheepwash, Beaworthy, North Devon EX21 5NE

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