The East Lyn is very productive and cheap to fish but due to its nature is of little interest to the fly fisherman as far as salmon and sea-trout are concerned. It starts as the Upper East Lyn near Malmsmead and flows out into the see at Lynmouth.

Worm and spinner are the order of the day because the river below Watersmeet where Hoar Oak Water joins and below which the best of the fishing is to be found, is a series of very short, deep, narrow pools and pots connected by waterfalls. Around Brendon, a very pretty village with an excellent pub above Watersmeet (but below where the tiny Oare Water and Badgeworthy Water join to form The Upper East Lyn) there is some good trout fishing.

If you fancy a change from the fly and have the necessary skill with the worm then the bottom half can be very exciting – but be warned, certain mountain goat-like qualities are needed (not the hooves or the whiskers though) and every year sees new comers to the river topple in head first!

Day tickets are available for the National Trust water from Brendon through Watersmeet to just below Woodside bridge are available from Watersmeet House shop, which is a source of excellent cream teas, and hotels in and around the villages of Lynton and Lynmouth. The NT lease the fishing to the EA.

Have a look at this to find out more:

Watersmeet Map

West Lyn Farmhouse also issue day tickets on their 1.5 miles of fishing which includes Hoaroake Water and the left bank (looking down stream) of the main river above Watersmeet to Brendon.

West Lyn Farmhouse,
Barbrook,                                                                                                                                                                        Lynton,
Devon,                                                                                                                                                                     EX35 6LD

Tel: (01598) 753618




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