Often  referred to affectionately as ‘the Tanks’ the Barrows consist of three concrete  bowl type reservoirs. They are large enough to offer a real challenge, but not  so big as to be intimidating, making them ideal for the angler who wants to  learn the skills, flies and tactics for approaching larger waters. They occupy  an intermediate position between the smaller private fisheries and the large  still waters such as Chew and Blagdon.

Many longstanding regulars consider the Barrows to be  the best bank fishing of all the Bristol Water Fisheries, with their free  rising trout and gin-clear waters. The variety of fishing on offer is  considerable from deep fished lure to dry fly. The wide variety of surroundings  and range of options available make the Barrows an ideal fishery, and the  circular nature of the banks means that whatever wind is blowing there will  always be somewhere that is fishable. The Barrow regulars are a friendly crowd  who create a club-like atmosphere around the shores of the lakes; most of them  are very willing to offer advice and information to newcomers and beginners.

Wading is not allowed at the Barrows, and care should  be taken as the banks can become very slippery when the water level falls. Day  and afternoon bank permits are available in the self service permit kiosk in  the main car park, on the same side of the A38 as Barrow No 3, 60 yards past  the traffic lights looking towards Bristol.

For up to minute information on how the tanks are  fishing ring Woodford Lodge where local experts can advise on tactics and fly  patterns.


Season Feb 28th – ONWARDS

Total catch last season 6,581

Rod Returns 2,992

Average per rod 2.2

Average weight 1lb 9oz

Best fish Brown 6lb 2oz

Rainbow 5lb 8oz

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